What is Record?

Record is a comprehensive solution that saves all session visual data along with agent, URL, mouse position and annotation meta-data to a secure location. Record will generate an MP4 video file that maintains protection rules for sensitive data on demand. Record helps businesses meet compliance standards and aids in employee training.

Improved Customer Support

Create a record of interactions between agents and customers to be used to improve training and customer support.

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Leading Security Platform

Protect your customers with advanced security and compliance features designed for the most security-conscious industries.

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Session Data Shared To Your Systems

Access all your data in one place and include session data in internal reports by integrating the platform with your internal business tools.

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"Enterprise-Centric" Design and Use Case

Share valuable reports enterprise-wide on everything users have done and integrate effectively into existing enterprise solutions.

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Improve Agent Performance and Customer Support

With Record by Recursive Labs, you can archive and review all Realtime sessions to continually improve agent performance.

Analyze Your Agents' Performance

Record allows you to review Realtime sessions and integrate the data into existing business tools. In doing so, you are better able to provide analysis about how agents perform individually and as a team.

Improve and Personalize Agent Training

After analyzing performance, you are better able to identify training weaknesses and tailor individual and group training to the needs of your team members to yield higher results.

Avoid Government Fines

Record by Recursive Labs helps you meet the compliance requirements of your industry.

Designed for Regulated Industries

The Recursive Labs Visual Engagement Platform, including Record, meet the requirements of the most strictly regulated industries, such as healthcare and financial services.

Tools You Need to Achieve Compliance

Record arms you with tools to provide transaction chain of custody verification and allows you to customize your record retention policies and procedures to meet the requirements of your industry.

Protect Your Customers' Privacy

Record by Recursive Labs keeps all customer data private.

Patented Protection

Record uses our patented, image-based screen transfer to create an archive. This method allows all potentially sensitive information contained within the Document Object Model to stay on the customer’s device.

Object Level Redaction Maintained

During a Realtime session, redacted elements never leave a customer’s device. As a result, those elements never become a part of a Record video.

Smooth Agent and Customer Experience

Record by Recursive Labs provides an easy-to-use recording experience.

Effortless Installation

Using a single site key, Recursive Labs can seamlessly include any products within our suite. The site key can be customized to efficiently support either dedicated nodes, divisional functions, or shared services models.

Easy-to-Use Recording Capabilities

With the click of a button, you can record a Realtime session to ensure all compliance standards are met and for use in training.

Connect With Your Tools

Record by Recursive Labs integrates with your tools to provide a full view of the customer journey.

360-Degree View of Your Customers

Record has an API-first design. Archived data can be easily integrated into your analytics platform to provide a full 360-degree view of the customer journey.

Existing Integrations

In addition to an open API that allows you to create custom integrations, Recursive Labs has developed with the leading CRM and support tools in the industry.

Tech Specs

Getting started is quick and easy

The basic services are available by simply inserting our single line JavaScript site key inside your website or implementing our SDK inside your native mobile app.

No additional ports opened inside your firewall

All of our traffic travels across the standard HTTPS Port 443.

No special connection methods required

We simply utilize standard HTTP and Websockets protocols.

Bandwidth friendly rendering

Our patented technology is bandwidth friendly, rendering only when it senses something in your web page changes. When it does render, the content is highly optimized.

No preinstalled software when operating in the browser

Our solution functions inside of virtual desktops and VDI environments. When operating inside of the browser, we do not employ any type of preinstalled software.

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