What is Replay?

With Replay interactive application video, anyone in the enterprise can create and share high resolution, interactive, and mobile-friendly video with a simple “click & surf” recording method. Standard videos can be easily shared with customers through chat, email, and text or passed via our chatbot integration, Reply or as a response to an incoming Request.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

By leveraging interactive video to create engaging and effective content, you can improve customer satisfaction and retention.

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Enhanced Knowledge Base

Tap into the open API to integrate with your existing knowledge base & diversify your content with interactive video.

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Scaleable Call Center Workflows

Scale your enterprise call center by creating and deploying easy to use interactive videos to quickly address customer questions.

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Omnichannel Use and Share

Anyone can create and share high resolution, interactive, and mobile-friendly video using mobile or web-based applications.

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Create the Ultimate User Experience

Replay by Recursive Labs is an easy-to-use solution designed to address common customer concerns.

"Click & Surf" Simplicity

Using the security, data redaction, annotation, document view, and no-download voice capabilities, anyone can record what they know by talking and clicking as they surf.

Help Customers Get Where They Need to Be

The viewer can click at any time during the video to go to the exact page or mobile screen they see in the video – frame accurate to the second.

Grow Your Knowledge Base

Replay by Recursive Labs allows you to improve the quality and quantity of entries into your knowledge base.

Use More Contributors

Replay empowers EVERY employee to contribute knowledge when they uncover it, allowing your business to more efficiently evolve with the everyday issues experienced by customers.

Improve the Quality of Entries

As opposed to traditional, text-based entries in your knowledge base, Replay videos give your agents an added tool to “show” a customer how to solve their issue in an interactive and pre-recorded way.

Grow Customer Retention Rates

With Replay by Recursive Labs, you will grow your customer satisfaction and retention rates.

Solve Complex Issues

Interactive video tutorials allow your agents to walk your customers through complex tasks by showing them the steps necessary rather than simply telling them or typing a series of actions.

Resolve Customer Issues The First Time

Videos allow for more personal and smoother interaction than a text-based communication alone. Walking through complex issues in a personal way grows first-time resolution and customer retention rates.

Arm Your Customers With Your Tools

Replay by Recursive Labs can allow your customers to submit video support tickets.

OPTIONAL Customer Video Support Tickets

Using Request, customers can create video support tickets to show the agents exactly what is happening and use their own words to describe the problem.

Intuitive Design and Workflow Integration

Request videos are easy to create and integrate directly into your ticketing system. Your customers can easily submit video tickets without a significant change in your workflow.

Deploy Rich and Engaging Content

Replay by Recursive Labs allows you to quickly and effectively deploy your videos.

Interaction Across Mediums

With Replay, you can create more effective social, text, chat, and email interactions by deploying your videos across the medium that will most effectively reach your current or target customers.

The Future of Chatbot Delivery

Using Replay, you can create interactive videos in response to common customer questions. These videos can be deployed by chatbot transforming the user experience.

Tech Specs

Getting started is quick and easy

The basic services are available by simply inserting our single line JavaScript site key inside your website or implementing our SDK inside your native mobile app.

No additional ports opened inside your firewall

All of our traffic travels across the standard HTTPS Port 443.

No special connection methods required

We simply utilize standard HTTP and Websockets protocols.

Bandwidth friendly rendering

Our patented technology is bandwidth friendly, rendering only when it senses something in your web page changes. When it does render, the content is highly optimized.

No preinstalled software when operating in the browser

Our solution functions inside of virtual desktops and VDI environments. When operating inside of the browser, we do not employ any type of preinstalled software.

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