What is Request?

Request is a first-of-its-kind customer engagement solution that incorporates live video. Request arms customers with the tools to create a no-download video of their screen and narrate their request in their own words. With no post-production work, customers can send their video off to a company representative for resolution. With the optional addition of Replay, agents can respond to a Request with an interactive and instruction video.

Let Them Show You

Allow your customers to seamlessly record their screen. While outlining and annotating, they can describe their request using their own voice.

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Skip the Queue

Enterprise-grade support allows customers to avoid waiting in long queues. No one believes their call is that important to you.

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Straight to Support

Videos are sent to your support or sales team. Request integrates with CRM & support platforms routing tickets according to your needs.

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Prioritize Security

Protect your customers with the most secure engagement solution designed for security conscious industries.

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A Revolutionary Way to Interact With Your Customers

Request by Recursive Labs, will propel customer experience to a new level.

Set the New Customer Experience Standard

Reduce customer frustration and gain leverage over competitors by setting the expectation that they should never be on hold.

Capture Requests Where They Happen, As They Happen

Elevate the customer experience by letting customers capture their request on the device they are using at the exact moment they need the answer.

Stop Putting Your Customers on Hold

Request by Recursive Labs provides your customers with an option to skip the queue.

Give Your Customers Their Time Back

When customers skip the hold queue by submitting video tickets, they can adequately explain and show their request without sacrificing their time.

Handle Requests Faster

Customers show their screen and narrate their problem, leaving agents to quickly address their questions or concerns without parsing text or putting customers on hold.

See What They See

Request by Recursive Labs allows your customers to submit video tickets describing their request.

No-Download Video Capabilities

Using the most secure engagement platform in the market, customers capture their request and submit it to a support agent or salesperson without downloading anything.

Make Requesting Support Easy

Using the security, data redaction, annotation, document view, and no-download voice capabilities of the visual engagement platform, anyone can record their request by talking and clicking as they surf.

Improve Existing Business Tools

Request by Recursive Labs works with your existing business tools to provide a well-rounded customer experience.

Improve Your Support Widget

Replace your support widget with one that includes your existing support options as well as the opportunity to capture a video request.

Integrate Your Solutions

Our open API, existing partnerships, and built-in integrations for the leading CRM and support tools in the industry enhance your sales, ticketing systems, and support processes.

Arm Your Agents With The Best Tools

Request by Recursive Labs can allow your agents to respond to customer requests with a video explanation.

OPTIONAL Agent Video Response

Using Replay, agents can create interactive video tutorials to walk your customers through complex tasks by showing them the steps necessary rather than simply telling them or typing a series of actions.

"Click and Surf" Simplicity

Videos are easy to create and integrate directly into your CRM and support tools. Your agents can easily create video responses without a significant change in the workflow.

Tech Specs

Getting started is quick and easy

The basic services are available by simply inserting our single line JavaScript site key inside your website or implementing our SDK inside your native mobile app.

No additional ports opened inside your firewall

All of our traffic travels across the standard HTTPS Port 443.

No special connection methods required

We simply utilize standard HTTP and Websockets protocols.

Bandwidth friendly rendering

Our patented technology is bandwidth friendly, rendering only when it senses something in your web page changes. When it does render, the content is highly optimized.

No preinstalled software when operating in the browser

Our solution functions inside of virtual desktops and VDI environments. When operating inside of the browser, we do not employ any type of preinstalled software.

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