Enterprise Grade

The Recursive Labs Visual Engagement Platform has been developed as an Enterprise Grade solution designed to meet the needs of a complex, global organization. Our advanced customer collaboration solution forms a unified agent and customer experience and is integrated into the leading CRMs and support platforms used every day.

Deploying and operating large-scale systems can be complicated and cumbersome for enterprise organizations. As such, at Recursive Labs, you will not be in a shared-tenant style environment. Rather, you will have your dedicated instance, allowing you to control your upgrade cycle.

We recommend that you strive to remain as close as possible to our most current version to receive the benefits of ongoing R&D efforts. However, you own the decisions regarding timing around any release upgrade, thereby allowing you to appropriately coordinate all of the testing, training and implementation details involved in your business.

Our flexible hosting model helps insulate global corporations from technological impacts of the ever-changing geopolitical landscape and the growing sensitivity of data sharing across national borders, especially with regard to regulated industries. The Recursive Labs Visual Engagement Platform can deploy with specific nodes physically located in specific geographic regions thereby isolating the data storage to that region.

We also recognize that proper corporate governance necessitates sound data management principles. To this end, our platform allows you to establish and enforce custom data retention policies specific to each geographic node(s).

Even within a large enterprise, we recognize the security and segregation of data are often a requirement. Our deployment model is driven by our site key, a unique identifier that is embedded within any shared application.

This site key based model is adaptable to the complex structures of large organizations. A single site can support one or more applications within a node. A single node can support multiple site keys. These site keys can also be combined in such as a way as to efficiently support either dedicated divisional functions or shared services models.

All Recursive Labs enterprise clients operate on a dedicated instance or node. You are not forced to run in the shared-tenant style technology environment frequently employed by Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. These enterprise nodes can be laterally scaled to allow us to meet even the largest web-scale capacity requirements.