Open Platform & Integrations

Recursive Labs technology is an open platform solution. Our cobrowsing platform can be combined with other unique features and products to create the ideal customer experience for your clients and the optimal set of enterprise integrations.

The Recursive Labs Visual Engagement Platform functions on web pages, desktops, mobile phones or tablets, or any other device that supports a browser.

From a user interface perspective, our API-first design paradigm means we use our API set for every interaction with the platform, resulting in a thoroughly tested set of methods. Additionally, with our open API, the Recursive Labs Visual Engagement Platform is extremely easy to integrate with your existing business tools. 

Recursive Labs clients have complete flexibility to use our user interface or to create their own. Our product integrates with several major CRM’s including, Microsoft Dynamics, and Zendesk.

We have deep experience and can guide the process along the way. We provide a fully documented set of APIs across all major functional areas of the technology, and our connector subsystem makes CRM integration quick and easy. 

The “Guest Interface” can be reached from a web page or embedded inside a CRM or Service Desk application for ease of use. This interface is the same regardless of the customer’s device. Whether it’s on the web, inside a native mobile app, or even used on an IoT device, the agent experience does not change. This consistency helps shorten the learning curve, improve efficiency, and reduce staff turnover. It also enhances the quality of the customer experience.

Recursive Labs recognizes that you have significant investments in data warehousing and business intelligence. Therefore, we make all of the data from your dedicated instance(s) available to you via a periodic feed for incorporation into you BI environments. This data facilitates deeper analytics and understanding within your business.

Additionally, all web-based cobrowsing sessions can be easily integrated into your web analytics platform to provide a full 360-degree view of the customer journey.

All of our tools are deployed using fully standard web tools and protocols. Where Recursive Labs clients seek to use leading tools for voice, video, text chat or chatbots, our platform is designed API-first. As such, it can be easily integrated with these functions to provide a well-rounded client experience. The process for integration is as simple as selecting a provider, integrating the tool, and activating for your use.