Recursive Labs innovative technologies have been developed specifically to meet the needs of highly security conscious industries, such as Financial Services and Healthcare. Catering to these serious and sensitive industry requirements has resulted in an enterprise grade visual engagement platform. Our suite of tools employs top-of-the-line security protocols and allows you to guarantee your customers’ privacy when engaging with your team. 

All browsers work from the Document Object Model (DOM). Every change on a screen causes a change in the DOM. Therefore, to display the host’s screen on a guest’s device, traditional cobrowse and screen sharing solutions ship the host’s DOM to the guest.

In addition to visual changes on the screen, the DOM also contains potentially sensitive information.  Shipping that information from one device to another subjects customers to security risks.

Recursive Labs Visual Engagement Platform has solved this problem. Core to the platform is the industry’s most secure and patented cobrowse solution, Realtime. As opposed to shipping the DOM from the host’s device, in a Realtime session, the host’s DOM is used to create an image. The image is then sent to the guest’s device. With every DOM mutation, a new image is created and shipped to the guest. This method prevents sensitive information from being shipped and eliminates the risk.

Recursive Labs Visual Engagement Platform was developed to address the needs of a leading health insurance provider. Guided by the principals established in HIPAA/HITECH, our foundation has been engineered to meet the most stringent set of industry requirements for information security and individual privacy. Maintaining that focus on security and compliance has enabled us to develop a customizable set of security standards. Utilizing these building blocks and customer requirements, we can meet the needs of other security-conscious industries, such as financial services.

As opposed to a traditional screen sharing, where all information on the host’s device is shared with the guest, Recursive Labs Visual Engagement Platform allows private information (social security numbers, health information, etc.) to be hidden from the guest and never included in the image process. This information never leaves the host’s device.

As a Recursive Labs client, you can “redact” any element on any page of a website. These elements can be replaced character for character (i.e., *, #, X, etc.), blanked out, or even deleted.

On our Visual Engagement Platform, redaction is done via configuration on our web portal, without having to change any of the underlying code on your website. Specific redaction classes can also be provided if you prefer to implement these protections programmatically.

Because all elements are removed from the share before data ever leaving the customer’s device in a Realtime cobrowse session, the same fields remain hidden for session archiving or during customer submitted Request video tickets.

Recursive Labs Visual Engagement Platform has been engineered from the ground up for security and compliance. There are no special connection methods required. We simply utilize standard HTTP and WebSockets protocols. No additional ports need to be opened in your firewall.  All of our traffic travels across the standard HTTPS Port 443.

Recursive Labs uses AWS to host our solution and our clients’ data. For AWS, and for our clients, security is the highest priority. Our cloud architecture was built to meet the requirements of the most security sensitive industries and organizations. Surrounded by 3 perimeters of physical security and the most advanced technical and administrative security in the market, AWS provides an unmatched level of security. We take your data very seriously and have taken the steps necessary to protect it.